Heminsley, a boutique law firm specialising in providing legal advice for employers, approached me to revamp their website and enhance their online presence. With their team of experienced lawyers and their commitment to exceptional service, they wanted a website that would reflect their expertise, responsiveness, and ability to address the unique HR and legal needs of employers. I was thrilled to take on the challenge and create a website that would effectively showcase their services while addressing the issues they faced with their previous site.

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The Problem

Heminsley, a boutique law firm specialising in legal advice for employers, faced significant challenges with their previous website. One of the main issues was its slow loading speed, which resulted in a poor user experience and high bounce rates. Additionally, the outdated design failed to represent the professionalism and expertise of their team. However, the most frustrating aspect for Heminsley was the lack of responsiveness and support from their previous developer, making it difficult for them to address technical issues and update their site promptly.

The Solution

To address these challenges, I undertook a comprehensive website overhaul for Heminsley. The first step was optimising the site's performance and design by building in Webflow using a client-first structure. Redesigning the site from the ground up allowed completely optimise the site from an SEO stand. Sourcing new images and making sure they were optimised for size added a huge boost to the site speed, creating sub-pages for each service allowed their core offerings to stand out and be seen. This significantly enhanced the user experience and ensured visitors could easily access the information they needed.

Next, I focused on the design aspect, creating a visually striking and professional website that accurately reflected Heminsley's expertise and commitment to exceptional service. By utilising a clean and modern design approach, I incorporated a refined colour scheme, elegant typography, and intuitive navigation, creating a user-friendly interface that instilled trust and credibility.

Furthermore, I implemented clear and prominent contact information throughout the site, ensuring that visitors could easily get in touch with Heminsley. By improving communication channels and providing responsive support, Heminsley could effectively address client queries and concerns promptly.