Heart & Soul

A pole dance and fitness brand that had been operating for several years. The company had a loyal customer base, but the branding was inconsistent and lacked a cohesive identity and didn’t fit with the new addition to other fitness practices. The original logo was outdated and didn't accurately represent the company's values or services. Sally Ann Giles, the owner of Heart & Soul, recognized the need for a rebrand and reached out.

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One of the main challenges was creating a new brand identity that accurately represented Heart & Soul's mission. Sally Ann wanted a modern, bold, and empowering logo that appealed to women of all ages and fitness levels. Additionally, the new logo needed to be versatile and able to adapt to various marketing materials, including website, social media, and print materials.


I began by conducting research on Heart & Soul's brand values, target audience, and competition. I explored a variety of design concepts, focusing on creating a visual identity that embodied strength, grace, and confidence.

The final logo design featured a bold and modern sans-serif font with a heart icon that included dumbells. The heart represents passion, energy, and love, while the dumbells signify strength and power. The overall design conveys a sense of empowerment and confidence, which resonates with Heart & Soul's core values.


"I gotta say, Iain Gibson totally nailed it with our new logo. It's exactly what we were looking for - modern, bold, and totally empowering for our ladies. The design is so versatile, it works perfectly on all our socials and swag. It's really helped us establish a identity, and our girls have been giving us a ton of compliments on it. I would definitely recommend Iain to anyone who needs a logo designed. He's super talented and professional!"

Sally Ann Giles, Owner of Heart & Soul"