A SAAS startup that offers a chatbot framework for Amazon sellers to build and nurture their audience. The brand's mission is to help sellers grow their business by providing an easy-to-use chatbot tool that saves time and increases revenue. The goal was to create a brand identity that would communicate the benefits of the product and attract potential customers.

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The primary challenge in designing a brand identity for Easybot was creating a logo that conveyed the brand's mission and values while being visually appealing and professional. The founder, Michelle, wanted the logo to be modern and slick, but not too corporate.


To address the challenge, I came up with a logo that captured the essence of the brand. The logo is a chat bubble sequence that forms an "E," representing Easybot. The design is minimalistic, using a sans serif font and the brand's signature colours of blue, pink, and white. This combination creates a fresh and modern look, which is what Michelle was looking for.


"Iain's work on the Easybot brand design was outstanding. He took the time to understand our brand and the message we wanted to convey. His creativity and attention to detail are second to none. I'm thrilled with the final product" - Michelle, Founder of Easybot.