A newly established EDM record label based in the UK. Their aim is to discover and promote the best electronic music from emerging artists and established DJs.

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The Problem:

As a new player in the music industry, Beatfilter faced a challenge in creating a visual identity that would attract and connect with their target audience. They needed a logo that reflected their brand's values, captured the essence of electronic music and stood out in a crowded market.

The Solution:

When crafting Beatfilter's visual identity, I kept in mind the brand's target audience and their preferences. We understood that the artists Beatfilter would represent would appreciate that was bold, modern, and clean.

To address this, I created a logo that was innovative and impactful, featuring a bold B with an F in the negative space. I ensured that the design was simple yet sophisticated, incorporating clean lines and typography to deliver a modern and timeless look.

I also took into consideration the importance of consistent branding and incorporated the brand's colors of navy blue and white throughout the visual identity. The resulting brand image is clean, modern, and distinctive, speaking to the brand's target audience and setting the foundation for strong brand recognition in the EDM record label industry.


"Working with Iain was a fantastic experience. He listened to our vision and provided us with an innovative design solution that exceeded our expectations. The logo captures the essence of our brand and has received great feedback from our artists. We're proud to have partnered with such a talented designer."